About The Grainery Inc.

The Grainery Inc. - Helping Burien make healthy choices since 1975

The Grainery Inc. first opened its door to the Burien community in 1975 and has been at the location at 13629 1st Avenue South for over 35 years. We take pride in helping Burien make better choices to maintain the health of the body the natural way. Our family business will always be here to welcome you at our door and help you with your every purchase. Beside our customer service dedication, we also commit to support local and sustainable agriculture by sourcing local organic and non-GMO products whenever we can.

We proudly offer a generous selections of rice, beans, flour, whole grains, and dried herbs & spices with a gluten-free diet in mind:

Basmati rice

Short and long grain brown rice

Short and long grain white rice


Wheat berries


Mung beans

Split peas







Candied ginger

Dried papaya

Chia seeds


Dried ginger root

Dried peppermint

Dried sage

And much more...


Freshly baked Whole Wheat bread or Whole Wheat Sunflower Seed bread is available every TUESDAY.

We also provide custom grinding and cracking of grains, as well as grinding your nuts into butter.

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